Kami shiho gatame

Kami shiho gatame

1e houdgreep Kesa Gatame Kesa = 3-punts Gatame = vasthouden 2e houdgreep Kata Gatame Kata = schouder Gatame = vasthouden “hoofd arm opsluiten” 3e houdgreep Kami Shiho Gatame Kami = boven Shiho = 4-punts Gatame = vasthouden “achter het hoofd” … lees verder

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Kami shiho gatame (north-south hold) i the most common pinning hols applied from the north-south position in combat sports using a gi. Kami shiho gatame involves pinning the opponent’s arms to his or her side, typically by grabbing the opponent’s belt and using the arms to press the arms of the opponent inwards.


Judo techniques

A variation of kami-shiho-gatame (upper four-corner hold) in which you position one of our hands over your opponent’s arm (instead of beneath it) and grip the back of his collar, while also wrapping your left arm around the back of his neck and shoulder and neck to grasp his belt.


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Kami shiho gatame (上四方固?) é o nome dunha técnica de inmobilización do judo que é executada suxeitando os brazos do opoñente, de modo que fiquen practicamente inmobilizados na altura dos ombreiros, agarrándose no cinto.Arte marcial: Judo


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Kami-shiho-gatame. Materiaal: mat Aandachtspunten: De rechterhand grijpt de gordel en drukt de rechterarm van uke tegen de ribben; De linkerhand grijpt de gordel en drukt de linkerarm van uke tegen de ribben; De wreven strekken; De knieën ver …



Kami shiho gatame – Imobilização no topo (na cabeça) dos 4 lados Kuzure kami shiho gatame – Imobilização deformada no topo (na cabeça) dos 4 lados Tate shiho gatame – Imobilização na posição vertical dos 4 lados Kuzure tate shiho gatame – Imobilização deformada na posição vertical dos 4 lados


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Uitspraakgids: Leer hoe je kami-shiho-gatame uitspreekt in het Japans met een moedertaaluitspraak. kami-shiho-gatame Engelse vertaling.


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Kami shiho gatame means "upper four quarter hold" in english and is known for being one of the hardest pins to escape from. This is a common position to end in after you’ve hit a Half Nelson turnover so make sure NOT neglect this pin. Teaching Kami Shiho Gatame: put belly button next to ear stay chest to chest with uke


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Kami shiho gatame

3 Kami Shiho Gatame – Boven Vier Punten Controle. 5 Gyaku Kesa Gatame – Omgekeerde Flank Controle. 7 Mune Gatame – Borst Controle. 9 Kuzure Kesa Gatame – Variatie Flank Controle. 12 Makura Kesa Gatame – Kussen Flank Controle. 14 Kami Sankaku Gatame – Boven Driehoek Controle.


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Kami-Shiho-Gatame Kami = boven Shiho = 4-punts Gatame = vasthouden: 4e Houdgreep "Slapende ijsbeer met gebroken pootje" Kuzure-Kami-Shiho-Gatame Kuzure = variatie Kami-Shiho-Gatame = 3e houdgreep: 5e Houdgreep "Omgedraaide 1e Houdgreep" Gyaku-Kesa-Gatame Gyaku = omgekeerd Kesa-Gatame = 1e houdgreep: 6e Houdgreep